Action-adventure feature film scheduled for 2016 completion


Axel Harney

After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Economics, while also playing basketball and running track at the NCAA collegiate level, Axel started, and has since run a successful marketing company for over a decade. His ability to approach filmmaking with experience and a proven track record in business, makes Axel a very unique artist.

As an Actor, Axel has won or been nominated "Best Actor" 6 different times over 4 different films on the film festival circuit. He has also won or been nominated an additional 9 times as a Writer, Director and Producer.

With a strong passion for the artistry of film, and the practical business acumen to help make them happen, Axel is a collaborative force to any production.

Mike Kopera

Mike Kopera is the founder and CEO of Lakeview Pictures.

After graduating from Northwestern University with a degree in Theatre, he moved to Los Angeles and pursued acting and voice-over for four years. During that time, he studied and performed with the Groundlings, the Beverly Hills Playhouse, and the Straitjacket Society.

In 2010, he transitioned into producing as well, with his first short film, "My Friend Peter," which went on to screen at over 25 international film festivals. In 2012, he produced his first feature film, "The Cabining," and made his second, "Initiation," only six months later.

In late 2013, Mike produced two shorts, "No Longer There" and "Strangers," both of which are currently on the festival circuit. In August, 2014, he began work on an animated short film, "The Adventures of Noah."

When it comes to making movies, Mike lives by Lakeview Pictures' motto: Know your audience and make them happy.

Steve Kopera

A Michigan native and graduate of Northwestern University, Steve is the founder and CEO of Chapter 3 Media. He has over 15 years experience making movies, working with Jesse Dylan (Kicking & Screaming) and producer Moritz Borman (Terminator 3).

Steve was a storyteller from an early age and later moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in filmmaking. He worked from the ground-up, volunteering as a production assistant on numerous independent productions until he eventually learned to write, direct, and produce his own films.

Prior to SHOT, Steve directed The Cabining, My Friend Peter which both earned several awards and festival acceptances worldwide, as well as Starlight & Superfish which was distributed by Vanguard Cinema.

As a creative professional, Steve's focus is to deliver a unique entertainment experience with an emotional punch.


SHOT follows two record producers who venture into the wilderness for a work retreat.

Instead of a weekend of outdoor recreation, they find themsleves fighting for their lives.


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